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There's more to glasses than shape and color. We expertly break down the anatomy of eyeglasses to help you choose and purchase frames with confidence.

Glasses Frame Materials

From varieties of plastic to metal compounds, learn more about the most popular materials used in the manufacturing of glasses frames.

Glasses Frame Shapes

Discover a wide range of glasses frame shapes to support your style.

Glasses Frame Types

An in-depth look at three types of glasses frames and the features they offer.

Glasses Hinge Types

Learn more about the three main types of hinges, what makes them different from one another and the benefits of each.

Reading Glasses

Do you need reading glasses? Learn more about them and how to find the right strength.

Frame Bridge Types

There are three primary bridge types; adjustable nose pads, saddle bridge and keyhole bridge. Knowing the benefits and limitations of each style will make selecting your next frame easier.

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